Traditional wedding

Traditional wedding or something different? I love reading “The Onion” this humorous take on the traditional wedding vows is something you won’t encounter with a civil celebrant…unless you want to! Have you “I’ve spent so much time and money planning the perfect wedding, but I can’t deny it would really take everything to the next level if, say, one of … Read More

Getting Married Overseas

Planning to elope? The Smartraveller website has detailed information about getting married overseas.If you intend to marry overseas, please note that marriage celebrants authorised in Australia can only perform legal marriages within Australia. An overseas marriage cannot be registered in Australia, and the foreign marriage certificate will be evidence the marriage has occurred. Beach – CC benmiller23 on flickr An overseas marriage will generally … Read More

Canberra Registry Wedding

Canberra Registry Wedding Many couples have an elopement, enjoy the warm beaches of a tropical island then need to complete the legal aspects of marriage. I can offer a Canberra registry wedding for you in my purpose built venue in Canberra. Some people want a marriage ceremony with a few hundred guests and family and I can offer that service as well. … Read More

Wedding Celebrant cost

How much might it cost? One consistent question I get when couples first contact me is how much does a wedding celebrant cost? People use the term civil celebrant, marriage celebrant and wedding celebrant interchangeably. The short answer is it varies depending on a number of factors. First you will need to find a celebrant and one way to do … Read More