What’s it like to be a Canberra celebrant?

Canberra Marriage Celebrant

I became a Canberra celebrant several years ago at the request of a couple of close friends. Anecdotally this is a common reason for Australian marriage celebrants, more often it is a parent who does so for one of their children, this is what I have heard in Canberra about Canberra Celebrants anyway. I named my business Canberra Marriage Celebrant as I wasn’t planning on moving anytime soon!

Being a celebrant is a big responsibility to the couple for whom you are performing the ceremony for. Whilst each couple is unique in their expectations there are common expectations such as:

  • a quick response time,
  • that you are not a comedian,
  • you will meet them on their terms,
  • that you will explain the process clearly,
  • that you will act professionally at meetings and on the wedding day,
  • being on time and,
  • throughout the process you will adapt your style to meet their needs.

Underpinning all of this is the requirement to listen and understand the needs of each couple.

Hopefully soon there will be equality for all.

First meeting - Canberra Celebrant

First meeting – Canberra Celebrant

So what is it like to be a Canberra Celebrant?

As a Canberra marriage celebrant In most cases it is rewarding, you meet couples who are excited, happy and in love. You help people get from concept to action. you have the power to reduce stress in someone. As a result the couple have more power to plan what they want and it opens the way for couples to talk more about their day. It allows couples to think about what they want it to feel like and what they actually want said.

It provides balance to other work such as a 9-5 job. As a celebrant you help ensure that the couple and all the guests are happy. you say some lovely things then everyone has a wonderful celebration!

Contact me Dave at Canberra Marriage Celebrant to talk about your wedding day. You can head back to the home page and fill out the contact me form. Meanwhile check out one of the venues at the Aroboretum to get you thinking.