Canberra Registry Wedding

Canberra Registry Wedding

Many couples have an elopement, enjoy the warm beaches of a tropical island then need to complete the legal aspects of marriage. I can offer a Canberra registry wedding for you in my purpose built venue in Canberra. Some people want a marriage ceremony with a few hundred guests and family and I can offer that service as well. This service is designed specifically for people who do not require flowers, white ribbons and the traditional ceremony otherwise provided. I wan’t to ensure that couples who wish to get married in Canberra have a range of options available to you

A picture of the garden on the way to my office for a Canberra Registry Wedding

Garden on the way to my office.

It sometimes does not make sense to have a second ceremony after a beach wedding in Tahiti. The real love, meaning and memories have already happened.

Registry weddings occur in other states such as NSW as you can see here.

What does a Canberra Registry Wedding involve?

The first thing you will need to do is fill out the paperwork which I can provide.

Next we meet so I can get your signatures and check your identity through passports or photo id and birth certificates.

Next step is that you come back to the office with two witnesses for the ceremony. We sign some more papers, have a brief ceremony and I provide you with a ceremonial certificate. We can also have a longer ceremony which we can design together or you can prepare it in the lead up to the ceremony. Even though it is a registry wedding it doesn’t need to feel like a public servant transaction.

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