Writing Wedding Vows – Dave Segal

Wedding vows Writing wedding vows is often one of the main points of anxiety for couples. Couples have often googled options and sometimes tried to remember what other couples have said at their ceremonies. What are wedding vows Vows are the promises which couples make to each other during a wedding ceremony. For example ” I promise never to run … Read More

Online Live Q&A All About Weddings

I will be discussing the various aspects of weddings in Canberra covering legal, ceremony, venues, logistics and answering any questions you might have.

Organise a surprise wedding

You know those shows where there is a surprise wedding and the bride to be is crying with happiness etc? Well in Australia that’s not really legally possible. You need to give one months notice to a celebrant with at least one signature on the Notice of Intended Marriage. The second party needs to sign that before the wedding and … Read More

Marriage ceremony – example

Celebrant: Friends and family, we are gathered here today to celebrate the joining of two special people. Craig and Sarah; who will be making a pledge to each other, to be true, faithful, loving and devoted to one another. These two people now wish to be united, to share their life, to share their joy. My name is Dave Segal … Read More