Changing my details after the ceremony

Changing your details after getting married. There are companies that can do this for you if you have more money than time. If you are doing your own legwork this is what you need to know after getting married in Canberra. Obviously if you aren’t changing your name then you won’t need to do anything. If you are the bride you don’t need to fill out a name change form however if you are the groom and you wish to change your name then you will need to.

Regardless before you so any of this you will need to go to Births Deaths and Marriages online and apply for your marriage certificate.

  1. To get your passport you will need to take your birth certificate and marriage certificate to the post office and fill out a NEW passport application form. Don’t photocopy or print this form using the web service which they recommend. Go to the post office and get the original form or you will have problems such as fields missing and the sticky part for the photo will be missing.
  2. To change your name at the bank you need to take your birth certificate and marriage certificate to the bank with you.
  3. You will need a new Will (do this after you change the name on your bank and drivers licence.
  4. For drivers licence you need to take your marriage certificate and drivers licence into the rego office. They will issue a new licence free of charge. Your car rego details will be updated and you do not require a printed copy of the new details. They will issue this on renewal. If you really want it done you can pay $37.
  5. To change your property title on your mortgage you need to fill out the form which can be found on the Office of Regulatory Services page and have it witnessed by a celebrant or JP.