Live or pre-recorded music?

Live or pre-recorded music?

Live music can really make a difference – a string quartet, jazz guitarist, or someone who will offer to cover Ed Sheeran…again. There are so many options. Here are some tips on what others don’t want to hear.  A solo singer can be a powerful addition to a ceremony.

Maxo Music has a great voice, plays guitar and writes his own music.

Chicago Charles provides lighting and a photo booth in addition to a vast repertoire of music. You can learn more about how music can enhance a ceremony on his site.

You can bring your wedding music on an ipod, iphone or other portable player as long as it has a 3.5mm jack. Whilst I wont be touching the system once it is set up you can get a friend to press play and stop on your portable device.  1. Walk in. 2. Signing. 3. Walk off.

Think about the times when music is appropriate and what you want to achieve. Many couples choose to have live performance music on the day which is great and can have a range of prices.

My sound equipment

Audio quality is crucial for any successful event there are speeches and an audience. how many times have you been at an event where the sound quality has not been of a quality or level that you can hear it. This is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to technical proficiency. I have a degree in media multimedia production which has given me the background and experience using audio visual equipment. There are always challenges though such as interference from mobile phones (usually over 100 devices in the audience) so we will occasionally experience problems. this is not a selling point though it is a reality and it is important you are aware.

So what equipment do we use on the day? I  I have a low profile E6 Countryman. For couples who want to say something lovely to each other with an expectation that their guests can hear it I have a microphone (also wireless).  For the musicians to sing into are two cable microphones from Beyer Dynamic and stands.

Powered Public Address System

Chiayo Victory 2000 – No cables. Portable. Crystal clear sound.

PA system - string quartet or pre-recorded

PA System – string quartet or pre-recorded