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Registry Wedding in Canberra

 Do you need a quick registry wedding?

Registry Wedding - Dave Segal

First meeting – Dave Segal

Canberra celebrants mainly focus on event based weddings. However there is a demand for a registry wedding in many cases. From February 2019 I will be providing a Registry Wedding service here in Canberra. You cannot marry at a courthouse in the ACT unlike other states. I believe that people should have that option and will provide that service. Providing wedding services is what I do, therefore I would love the chance to hear from you about your needs. Here are some reasons for keeping it simple:

  • Some couples elope to a tropical island.
  • Some don’t want all the input from family.
  • Don’t need the stress.
  • Want privacy.
  • Have been together for 30 years…
  • The ceremony is not culturally relevant.

All you need to do is book a time with me to complete your paperwork then come to my office with your identification. Once we sign the forms you then need to return one month later for your wedding. I will provide a ceremonial certificate then lodge marriage certificate with ACT Births Deaths and Marriages the following day. Within 4 weeks you can apply for a legal copy of your marriage certificate.

If you would like to know more I am happy to discuss your options. Perhaps you change your mind and need a full ceremony accordingly we can change to suit your needs. There are some great spots in Canberra for a wedding. Take a look through this site for more ideas.

So contact me if you would like a quick legal wedding in 2019.