Someone I reckon does a great job:

Alison Jackson

Combining traditional silversmithing techniques with a contemporary aesthetic, Alison produces a range of one-off and limited edition hollowware and jewellery pieces. Her designs are characterised by simplicity, functionality and a playful quirky twist.

Alison individually hand raises each piece of hollowware from flat sheet through to the finished form. This age old process is intensely time consuming often taking days to complete as the metal is hammered, shaped and worked.

Her jewellery collection is crafted from a variety of materials including precious metals, anodised aluminium and plastics. Each piece is designed to be a highly wearable unique piece of contemporary Australian jewellery.

Alison has had her work selected for the 16th Silver Triennial in Germany, an international travelling exhibition and was subsequently invited as one of twelve international silversmiths to exhibit at Inhorgenta in Munich, Germany.

Alison has exhibited throughout Australia and Germany and has won a number of awards. Most recently she was awarded the Rosalie Gascoigne Memorial Award to assist with production of her new tableware pieces. Alison was also named as runner-up in the prestigious Qantas Spirit of Youth Award, Craft and Object Design category for 2013.


Alison Jackson