Shortening of time

This form may be used to apply to the Registrar-General to authorise an authorised celebrant to solemnise a marriage despite the notice of intended marriage having been received later than 1 month before the date of the marriage. The Registrar-General may authorise an authorised celebrant if satisfied that one or more of the circumstances detailed below have been met:
• Employment related or other travel commitments – for example a party to the wedding has accepted an offer of employment for imminent transfer or posting overseas for at least 3 months and wishes to be married with the party’s friends and family present before departure.
• Wedding or celebration arrangements – for example non-refundable payments of a considerable sum have been made for the proposed wedding or celebration associated with the wedding, and the date for the wedding or celebration cannot be changed.
• Medical reasons – for example a party to the intended marriage, or a close relative of the party, has a serious illness that will prevent the person from attending the wedding unless it is held in less than a month.
• Legal proceedings – for example a party to the intended marriage is subject to a pending court proceeding, and is at risk of imprisonment.
• Error in giving notice – for example the parties have given significant notice and arrangements have been made with an authorised celebrant orally, but written notice was not given in the required time because the authorised celebrant failed to explain the notice requirements properly, or the authorised celebrant lost the notice.

In any event the Registrar-General requires certain documentation and evidence to be supplied with this application in order to form an opinion as to whether the application should be approved. Documents and evidence required include:

A completed notice of intended marriage.
• A letter from both parties outlining the reasons for the application and the proposed date of marriage.
• A letter from an authorised celebrant agreeing to perform the marriage on the same proposed date.

Evidence to support at least one of the circumstances outlined above such as letters of employment, travel documents, airline tickets, receipts of payment, letters from medical practitioners, court orders or letters from authorised celebrants.

If you are lodging this application in person you must supply original identification documentation. If sending you application by post you must have the identification documents certified as true copies of the original documents by a Justice of the Peace, Solicitor or Police Officer.

A non-refundable fee of $43.00 is payable at time of application.

The Births, Deaths and Marriages registration Act 1997 authorises the Registrar-General to collect the information required by this form. The Registrar-General prevents any unreasonable intrusion into a person’s privacy in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (C’wlth). The Registrar-General may provide identifiable information to law enforcement organisations and authorised organisations that have legal authority to request information under prescribed circumstances. Documents provided as proof of identity may have their authenticity verified through Certificate Validation System (CVS) and the National Document Verification System (DVS). Documents issued by this office may also be verified by external agencies using CVS and/or DVS.
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