Traditional wedding

Traditional wedding or something different?

I love reading “The Onion” this humorous take on the traditional wedding vows is something you won’t encounter with a civil celebrant…unless you want to!

happy bride at traditional wedding

happy bride at traditional wedding

Have you “I’ve spent so much time and money planning the perfect wedding, but I can’t deny it would really take everything to the next level if, say, one of my exes burst through the chapel doors and begged me to reconsider,”… “Watching the baffled priest try to regain control of the situation as my fiancé haughtily demands we dispense with the vows and cut to the I-dos would make the nuptials one for the books. And if the entire congregation erupts into a free-for-all when the best man attempts to toss the guy out…Well, a girl can dream, anyway.” Exciting If Someone Objected At Wedding

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