Wedding Celebrant cost

How much might it cost?

One consistent question I get when couples first contact me is how much does a wedding celebrant cost? People use the term civil celebrant, marriage celebrant and wedding

An image of a signing table with a register, pen, rose petals and some leg characters standing under an alter. Signing table is included in wedding celebrant cost

A modern take on the signing table.

celebrant interchangeably. The short answer is it varies depending on a number of factors.

First you will need to find a celebrant and one way to do this is to use the Attorney General database.

Some marriage celebrants only do a few weddings per year whilst others are working 7 days per week. As we are all service providers you will find significant differences between us though we are all tasked with providing the same service and our values, beliefs, opinions should not be a part of the discussion nor should they come across in our communication.

In 2019 I will be conducting Marriage Ceremonies at my office in Flynn.

So how much does Dave Segal – Wedding Celebrant cost?

In 2018 I charge a flat fee of $600, which includes all costs associated with having me as your celebrant. However, the cost of your celebrant should not be the only thing that guides your decisions. When it comes to choosing a celebrant, I recommend meeting them to find out who they are – Do you like them? Would you invite them over for a barbecue?

You could spend thousands on your wedding day, everything is perfect. Why would you spend all that money only to find out that the celebrant wants to wing it on the day, make jokes, or make the ceremony more about them as a performance piece. We have a good framework for complaints which are managed through the Attorney General website.

If you do come across a celebrant like this please let someone know. We are a professional organisation with membership to professional bodies like Civil Celebrations Network.

I hope this helps you. Need to know more?