Wedding Glossary

Key terms you may hear people use

Ceremony – The part where the couple turn up on the day and say lovely things to each other in front of heaps of people. There will be a celebrant there to ensure it is all legal.

Reception – The party after the wedding!


Key players

Bridegroom (Groom) – Often the male though not always

Bride – Often the female though not always

Celebrant – A government appointed person who is legally and ethically obliged to ensure your day is awesome!

Best Man – the person the groom delegates all the worrying to in the lead up to the ceremony and on the day. They may be responsible for doing all the running around and communicating with the bridal party to ensure everyone is on time.

Maid of honour – the brides 2iC.  They are the boss of all the other maids (bridesmaids).

Bridesmaids – the other maids which are not the made of honour.

Flower Girl – Usually a female member of the bride or grooms family. Often walks in front of the bride wearing similar clothing and throwing flower petals. Sometimes walks in procession with the Page Boy or Ring Bearer.

Page Boy – The role of the Page Boy could be to carry the brides train (in very long dresses the bit which trails behind her).

Ring Bearer – A ‘special’ Page Boy who carries a cushion with the rings on it. Usually these are fake rings or if they are the actual rings they are stitched on with removable thread.